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change is good
Corporate speak for "this isn't going to hurt a bit" and then seeing a puddle of your own blood on the floor. Suuuuure. Anyway, what's perceived as change by the management rarely filters down to the resources. Most of the time it's just management stroking their egos attempting to convince everyone that they actually do anything. The only time change is good really affects resources is when it results in de-hiring, redundancies, or sunsetting. Associated brainwashing material is the video "Who Moved My Cheese?" I truly pity you if you've had to sit through this slap in the face. If you're unaware, it's a corporate video that treats you like a child with a cartoon illustrating that change is good. Try not to slit your wrist while watching. It's not worth it and besides management will just be happy that they have one less resource to fire at some point.

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