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Europe, Middle East, Asia. If you work for a "global" company you'll hear this one a lot. Didn't this used to be called "eurasia"? That wasn't good enough?
end-to-end (E2E)
From start to finish, usually used when gloating about your company's capabilities.
Just a more vomitous sounding word for "involve." I want to "engage" the IT group in this project. Sam is an engaged member of the team.
Engines running (up/down)
Used to describe whether a file/web server is online or not. Example: "The engines are up and running, full steam ahead!" Yet another sorry attempt to make a bland lifeless job more exciting and failing miserably.
End of Day / Beginning of Day. Settling into the corporate culture - EOL. Do the math.
End Of Life. As in, I'd like to end yours if you constantly say this.
executive summary
Just a nauseating way to say, "Make it about a third-grade level."
fire drill
Usually an early morning or late afternoon cluster F. This is when your boss has created or accepted a task that is not only unnecessary in the grand scheme of things, but requested under an often impossible timeline - that timeline being NOW. Dance monkey, dance.
When a team tries to finish off ("rescue") a project that is extremely late or extremely over-budget, or is just generally going wrong.
Substitute for "problems", small or large. "We have a few fires we have to put out, but overall the application is a go." or "The new application is causing a lot of fires to put out. I think we need to revisit it or purge it."
Nope, not a software or hardware firewall, this refers to something blocking a project or keeping something else in the office from being completed.

"That report is a major firewall for this project. Let's get it done and out so we can move forward."
firing on all cylinders
Car speak which transformed into sports speak which transformed into corporate speak - the most heinous of offenses. Usually used when describing a team's "coming together" and "getting the job done." Miniature corporate wood results from anything firing on all cylinders.
fish where the fish are
Generally translates to marketing speak for focusing efforts on a group of customers being targeted.

Just so we're clear, you're a fish.
Concentration on a single task. This rarely lasts more than a few hours even when jealously guarded.
Budgeting usually involving a resource's time, but also relating to monetary cost for the company.

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