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Ok I like this one... but used to excuse yourself from a meeting in order to use the restroom.
bird dogging
Looking into an issue, getting down to the core problem, usually with much effort. Good dog, now quit licking your balls in the office.
An employee or new hire. Used most frequently in the sentence, "we need more bodies". Um no, you need a qualified individual, not a warm lump of flesh.
A substitute for employees, important or not, but usually not. "Looks like a problem. See if you can get some bodies on that to help put out those fires."
An essential resource who impedes the rapid completion of a project. Resource bottlenecks are generally those which are overworked and understaffed. Bottlenecks seem to occur most often in graphic design, database approval, and quality assurance.
bounce off
As in, "Let's bounce this off so-and-so...." Very similar to, "Let's run it by..." Just not necessary.
brain drain
When one or more important (a manager would say "key") resources are lost due to de-hiring or for some other reason resulting in a brian drain. I'll just stop now and ease the pain.
brain dump
A "download of data" from a coworker. "Hey, let's get together later today at your desk for a brain dump." Most used when a project is starting and someone else is already ahead of others thus carrying more information than anyone else, requiring a "brain dump" to others in the project.
breakfast meeting
A meeting that takes place before the usual workday start time. The meeting organizer hopes to entice the meeting goers by offering up a breakfast to make up for getting up extra early and wasting one more hour (or more) of your life.
bring to the table
Probably used many many years ago when someone was referring to what two or more parties were going to offer up at a meeting of importance likely dealing with high powered deals involving land, large sums of money, etc. Now it's used like water at meetings and really means (in manager speak) "What can you give me to make me look better, and if you have nothing I'm not interested in your sorry ass. Go away."
brown bag
I used to think this referred to lunch. Nope. Brown bag is used most in place of "informal" because god forbid you use actual English. Example would be, "Jeremy and his small team are going to put together a quick brown bag meeting to bring you all up to speed on the project."
bubble up
Push the issue upward to the C's or near the C's and they will discuss the issue offline.
Your pile of shit to do, or a general pile of shit to get done by someone. Also can mean to put an expense of doing business (resource costs) into a bucket (usually of pretend money).
Point of emphasis, usually in a presentation. Entry point in the presenter's head the bullet would make if that laser pointer you're holding had a gun attached to it.
business-to-business (B2B)
The meaning is obvious. The invention of, and over use is deplorable.

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