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virtual bench
Interviewing and leading-on a fairly large group of potential resources only to stall things and therefore make them more hungry for a job. These poor souls, sorry, resources become your "virtual bench". Pricks, I know.
Stands for "Very Rough Order of Magnitude". Don't ask my why this would ever be used. I personally think "estimate" would do.
wear a lot of hats
Used to describe a person who does a lot of stuff (or so they say). These are usually people who do work they don't have to (subtle form of ass kissing). Maybe there are people out there who work in environments where they really do care - they have a personal relationship with the owner perhaps, or revenue sharing or something - but mostly this term is only used by someone bragging/sucking-up, or someone labeling someone else as a spineless kiss-ass who can't say "no" and actually enjoys being someone's tool.
A seminar on the web. I'm not kidding, I wouldn't do that to you.
welcome aboard
Translation, "Thanks for accepting our shitty job offer. We hope to make the next several years of your life as lame, boring, and miserable as humanly possible. I'll be your annoying manager until I get unjustly promoted as soon as possible."

Yep, has nothing to do with business, but was swiped from sailing/boating and possibly flying. I'm assuming its use is to imply that, "We're all on this ship together" or some such crap. That's the kind of thing only a moron would think up. It's insulting and sailors everywhere should lift up their oars and beat the living shit out of any tool spouting this crap.
1) Fixing one problem and having many more crop up. 2) Putting out fires as the crop up and never figuring out how to properly do something. Like the carnival game, only crappy and corporate.
That which pertains to one's aptitude, or sphere of responsibility. Usage: "Why don't we put that on Greg's plate? It's definitely in his wheelhouse."
where the rubber meets the road
Hmmm, maybe "where it matters"? Similar to traction in some uses/respects. Nauseatingly stupid either way.
WRT (With Regard To)
Usually followed up with a "WTF" thought bubble.
yard stick
Imaginary device used to measure things in the corporate world. We're so dumb we need to imagine a giant ruler to figure out what's going on. Brilliant

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