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Cooperative happy horse shit.
To put aside for later. "Okay, that's enough discussion on that, we need to move along. Let's just table that for now." See also "parking lot."
Usually means taking on some difficult (or perceived as such) task. When someone says, "Yeah, I'll tackle that problem right away" they really are implying they are making a sacrifice and taking one for the team.
tag team
I guess to work as a team or take turns working on a task. That's the best I can figure.
take ownership
Assume responsibility. This is the opposite of the more normal practice of "responsibility assignment."
take ___ to the next level
To improve, extend or advance. This is usually stated as a goal; few actual advancements are ever regarded in retrospect as having quite been "to the next level." (This phrase faded from popularity in the summer of 1999.)
Usually what you've learned as a result of something. Can also be a less aggressive version of action item, or what will lead up to an action item.
Used in place of "lecture" or "presentation." As in, "My talk is on the desktop" or "Here's my talk," as they hand you a flash drive.
talking points
Bullet points, highlights, whatever you want to call 'em, it's lame.
tap your brain
Why say, "Can I ask you a question?" Or, "What do you think of this...?" When you can use a convoluted term that will win you the respect of your coach and make you the envy of all the resources around you. See also, "pick your brain."
Used as a verb. Example: "I task you to spearhead this initiative."
Another once useful term hijacked by the business world. Most often used in eCommerce circles to describe product categorization for navigation and general website organization.
teachable moment
"Hey, you could learn something from this experience!" Teachable moments almost never have anything to do with you directly, but some a-hole manager will group you in with the f-ups because you are a 'team'.
A group of people working together. Taken directly from the obnoxious language of sports.
team building exercise
Used by the Soviets under Stalin when they were known as Political Reeducation Camps. These mandatory-attendance activities usually take place at a bar, track or bowling alley and usually include spending time socializing with people you would never be friends with outside the corporate world.

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