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Scientific wild-ass guess. As in, "Hey, how many hires did we have last quarter? No pressure, just a swag will do."
S.W.A.T. Team
Your company's crack team of _insert business segment_ ninjas! 911!
scope creep
The gradual inflation of the goals of a project as its leaders imagine more things for it to do. For a developer, this situation can quickly spiral out of control, especially since scope creep always seems to advance faster and faster as a deadline is approached.
"The melding of search data with merchandising techniques allowing retailers to deliver search results that are most likely to lead to sales and use customers' search activity as a way to merchandise specific products."

I hope you're still awake.

Or, more accurately, a term most likely to influence corporate idiots to buy and implement SearchandisingTM products.
self starter
A very motivated resource. Someone who can hit the ground running. Basically this is someone you can supposedly leave alone and they get their shit done. You'd be surprised how few self starters there are in the office world.
Usually uttered by a fat balding pasty 40 something manager completely rendering the term as unsexy as one can imagine. Usually in reference to something not being as lame as what usually passes for design, but never justifying the use of the term.
Follow around; observe; learn from. Bizarrely used as a verb in corporate settings. "Barb is coming over from the main office to shadow you for the day." Which means she's coming over to look over your shoulder and bother you with irritating questions, all usually under the guise of a knowledge transfer, but usually to evaluate your position and see if you're really necessary or to put someone in line to take your job.
share shift
This is a new one. Not 100% positive on the definition. I assume it to mean a change in responsibility or sharing of responsibility or some bullshit like that. Whatever it means it's obviously done its part in the corporate jargon world - you really can't be sure what it means, isn't that the point of all this crap?
shared learning
When one or more people who have attended some sort of training pass what they've learned on to other resources. In reality this never works because a) after sitting through several boring days of training you never retain all of it and if you did you really can't convey it in 10 minutes with a co-worker b) usually one or more of the people involved is invariably out sick, too busy, or being manhandled by a manager so no one ever gets together to actually accomplish the knowledge transfer.
To watch over something or keep it going. Usually someone who takes over a project or something that is destined to be sunsetted as a pet project or in a last ditch attempt to keep it alive. Kiss-asses will shepherd anything and everything to make it look like they are more valuable than they really are.
Someone who's given notice at their job and is leaving soon. "Short-timer" infers you're not going to do jack shit in the next two weeks or however much time you have left before your freedom.
Project is ready to go, with no extra work to be done. This statement is almost always wholly inaccurate of course.
show stopper
Something that can lockdown or otherwise hold up a project.
Usually a segment of data separated from other data. Can also be used to emphasize detachment. "Suzy is in the information services silo. She'd have no idea what's going on in marketing." Where Agile managers keep the feed for their "pigs" and "chickens" in their "scrums".
sink or swim
I think you know this one, it's old. Probably one of the original chunks of corporate vomit.

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