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A web-related term referring to something short of an actual site redesign. A refresh is 'sprucing it up' a little. Of course, like most projects, most refreshes develop enough scope creep that they wind up full-blown redesigns anyway.
related to you
Substitute for, "in your department or under the same boss as you". Example: "Carrie, I sent this to you because Martha was looking for the same thing and I thought she was related to you."
A living, breathing human being having a skill set and a compensation package. Resources are managed by a cloistered group which calls itself "Human Resources." Like hardware, resources have fixed lifespans, can become obsolete and can even malfunction.
resource bonus
An entirely fictional payment that resources are supposed to receive monthly for work done outside the project management system.
responsibility assignment
To pass the buck. Not just anyone can participate in an act of responsibility assignment. Generally speaking, a resource can assign responsibility only when he or she receives a larger paycheck than the resource being assigned the responsibility. A manager adept in the art of responsibility assignment can advance his or her position indefinitely beneath the level of CEO.
A project or a resource which/who displays a machiavellian indifference for procedure so long as a key metric is met.
Explore again to bore everyone to tears for no other reason than to have another meeting and make professional meeting attendees have something to bill their time to.
This is so widely used that at first I didn't think it was corporate speak. It means to look at a thing or a situation that might be screwed up in order to fix it. Used by people participating in CYA as well as people being nice about telling you that you screwed up. "You might want to REVISIT the burning fires in your department, Phil."
Plan, matrix, workflow, etc. Call it what you will.
Supposedly powerful or amazingly all-encompassing and flexible to boot. No one has ever actually seen anything like this produced - ever.
Return on investment. It's all about the ROI, resource.
roll off
When you're leaving a project or when a segment of a project is ending. Basically roll off means "end". Update: More often now being used for contractors in place of "shit-canned".
Roll out
To start using (deploy) a new system or service/product.
An organized flow of information downwards through the management chain. Mostly used to tell the workers something they already know.
In theory, an organized flow of information upwards through the management chain. Actually used in the future tense as a placating measure. "I'll include your feedback in the rollup."

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