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project management system
A management system that divides a company into small working groups which are left to operate fairly independently and are held independently accountable for their successes and failures. This is how PMS works in theory. In the case of my erstwhile employer, PMS (renamed, for ?sthetic reasons, to RAM) was continually corrupted and influenced by such forces as CEO whim, resource manager decree, co-founder bullying (especially in the case of e-commerce projects), shoddy quantification, the special needs of acquired company integration, and the incentivizable demands of overall corporate health (especially with regard to recruitment and knowledge transfer).
push back
Ah, the art of corporate compromise - disagree, put the "ball back into their court", and/or offer an alternative.
push the envelope
Most likely originally used in racing or aeronautics to define the limit of speed/performance/etc. Now of course improperly used to define something extremely lame. Normally when this term is pulled out it really only translates to, "What we really should be doing every day if we were competent. What should be normal, but we only get that kind of work when we really go out of our way to try, and even that's debatable."
pushed out
Usually refers to a deadline getting moved back. Instead of using "delay" or "changed" managers feel it's important to use something like pushed out. Pointless, I know.
putting out fires
Cooling down hotheads, solving problems, usually followed by a big pat on the back for a job well done even though solving whatever problems there were could have probably been avoided had the manager of the project listened to anyone worthwhile when making decisions many months ago. It's usually those same people fixing things that were trying to tell their manager the right way to do things months and months ago.
Stands for "questions and answers". Usually used to describe a session (meeting) where people are allowed to ask whatever they want about a project, and the other person or group is obligated to respond or find that information for them.
rabbit hole
When you are in a meeting to discuss very specific items, but points of disagreement come up that should be covered in a separate conversation so as not to derail said meeting, they are apparently now "rabbit holes". The only holes here are the jackholes who utter this.
rally the troops
A term referring to increasing the morale of drones on a project. Office workers are about as far removed from being troops as can be, thus the idiotic nature of this statement in an office environment.
ramp up
Increase activity or work surrounding a project. The amount of work that might be required to get a project going. Example: "The last team left us with very little documentation. I fear a lot of ramp up to get the next phase of this project going."
reach out to
reading from the same hymn book
On the same page. Up to speed. In the same ballpark. You get the idea.
ready for primetime
Yet another term with no place in an office/corporate environment. Means something is ready. "That project is ready for primetime let's give it the green light."
Summarize, revisit, usually at the end of a meeting.
Taken from the British show "The Office". Not sure if it's actually used by Brit Corporate Trash, but works for us. Means to fire people as in "unfortunately there were some redundancies" - resources (people) were fired.
referral engine
Also known as a "pipe" or "conduit" - anything that keeps money and "activity" in the "pipeline". Referral engines can be people, applications, seminars, etc., but almost always require some sort of networking.

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