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OOF (out of office)
Why not OOO? Well, OOF originally stood for out of facility and later got adopted for out of office because OOO was apparently considered uncouth. Of course you could just be a human and say "not here".
open communication
A policy allowing one person in the firm to speak to another candidly, even emotionally, about some concern, regardless of the position within the firm of either employee. The existance of such a policy is often paraded around with much fanfare in the hopes that employees will feel that they have a voice within the firm. In actuality, of course, the moment an employee starts making real use of open communication, he or she is placed on the short list of rabble-rousers earmarked for de-hiring. The only people truly free to openly communicate are coaches and other bosses, as long as they don't give their bosses any lip.
out of pocket
How much something costs. Also, to let people know that you will only have access to your cellphone, so you will be working "out of pocket".
Out of Runway
A way of saying that the time, budget or client 'good will' has been exceeded. Can also be used like this: We still have some runway on that issue. Meaning the issue is not dead yet and could be dealt with in the remaining time etc.
out of the loop (in the loop, the loop)
A phrase meaning "not connected with a decision." It is used to deny responsibility or to complain about not having been consulted.
Used to refer to someone being out of the office. Taken from industries that when using outage are referring to machines or systems. Sample use, "The following are my planned outages for this week..."
over deliver
Give someone too much for their money therefore setting a precedent that you may not be able to live up to on a regular basis.
over promise
Offering too much for the price. Usually started by a salesperson and then only ballooning as a site is forecasted.
To take responsibility for something. Someone who "owns" something can never claim that they are "out of the loop."
Shortening of PM, as in evening because dropping the P makes you THAT much cooler. "Chris, see if you can get some bodies to put out that fire. But not until after 3 P after I've gone home."
pain point
Generally a reoccurring annoyance in a process or software. Or the point between my eyes deep in my brain that throbs whenever someone says shit like this.

Usually a pain point is only addressed after it's made the lives of many miserable for a very long time.
paradigm shift/paralysis
When you realize your boss or supervisor is an asshole and you want to change jobs.
parking lot
Imaginary place meeting organizers/managers put dead issues, unresolved issues, or simply issues that need to be addressed later. Same place we'd all like to beat the shit out of such a person who'd use such a term.
Peanut Butter
Used as a synonym for "spread." Instead of simply saying "We'll spread the costs of this project over multiple departments," instead, saying "We'll peanut butter the costs . . ." A more recent term, but one that's on the rise.
The idea of gaining access to a company, market, or demographic. An overtly sexual term.

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