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micro site
A self-contained small website within a website, often with a promotional slant. Often cooked up by someone with a micro penis.
A date related to the level of completion for a project, always spoken of in the future tense. Since milestones are rarely predicted to fall anywhere near where they end up falling, the judgment of whether or not a milestone has been reached is more of an art than a science.
motherhood and apple pie
This apparently refers to overly-optimistic, flowery proclamations that a company shills out, as in "Sales are really strong right now and I'm not just talking motherhood and apple pie here".

Unfortunately, trying to negate corporate trash with more corporate trash does not cancel both out.
movers & shakers
Ass-kissers & dick-suckers (and I can't leave out back-stabbers). Am I not being clear enough? Now I'm not putting down people for working hard to get ahead (I'm in fact all for it and wish I had any reason to be motivated to do so at my own job). However, if management has singled you out as a "mover & a shacker" then you've been swallowing someone's knob. That's not up for debate.
Doing more than one thing at a time. Aren't you special.
Schmoozing, back-slapping, business card passing, hand shaking, seminar attending, ass-kissing, and the list goes on.
If you want to think about something. "Let me noodle on that for the day and get back to you"
nose to the grindstone
Putting on the guise of being hardworking because "there's so much to do". Usually the position of the team player, and they'll let you know about it every second they "have their nose to the grindstone". They'll also let you know how early they got in and at what time - even though they only come in super early or stay super late like once per quarter, you'd think the company couldn't get along without them putting themselves out once every three months to show off to their superiors - who in fact can see right through this crap, but pat the little pet on their head and promise a promotion... some day.
Overtaken By Events. Sample use: Joe: You had that report due today, did you finish it? Jim: The project I'm writing the report on is being overhauled so that task is OBE.
Off the Reservation
Acting or thinking in ways that are not in compliance with the directives of the immediate corporate overlord.
A term meaning "at another, unspecified meeting." Suggesting that an uncomfortable or technically-complex topic be taken "offline" is an excellent way to put off its further discussion indefinitely.
To get rid of, dump on someone else's plate.
on point
Focused, on topic, not distracted... or something.
Officially sucking corporate dick. You've announced your allegiance with the dumb ass running the project. You idiot schill.
Onboarding Process, The
To get someone to see things the same way as you.

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