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leading edge (or bleeding edge)
Management's misperception that they are somehow pioneering some great new technology or concept. Of course they almost never are and if they are it was the idea of one of their lowly lackeys anyway. Similar terms: "latest and greatest" "cutting edge" "pushing the envelope"
A piece of information gained from some type of source. Like... "The recent marketing study uncovered some key learnings." I'm not sure it's even proper english.
legacy (software)
System, equipment, etc., that's past its prime. Usually something that could see sunset any time soon if some manager somewhere could find the resources and bucket to replace it. There's always talk about when this thing will see its last day, but it usually continues to exist on and on out of pure ineptness more than anything else. It's also usually some system that some tool wanted just a few years ago and thought would be the answer to the world's problems, but now is so woefullly out of date as to be laughable. Meaning, that it was surely out of date already a few years ago when some snake oil salesman conned them into purchasing the artifact.
level the playing field
Supposedly the ground wasn't even and now you have something, or plan to have something, to make you competitive or better than your competitors.
A longer word meaning "use." Since much of what a corporation actually has is wasted, managers like to put added emphasis on occasions when they actually use something they already have.
How long something lasts. Another term that's not bad on its own, but has been so overused as to really not mean anything any more.
lions share
Majority of something, the biggest part, most, biggest.
liquid (design)
Design flows or stretches to a browser window no matter how it's resized to generally fill as much browser window as possible. This sometimes also refers to how a design "scales" or "degrades gracefully", but usually the former.
living document
A document with an infinite open window to make numerous revisions to tedious tasks with no apparent end in sight.
lock and load
Overheard recently very loudly over a speaker phone. Excitedly means "Okay, I'm ready!" or "Yeah, let's get together for that meeting now, chap."
lock in
Setting up the "parameters" and requirements of a project and determining the deadline, thereby sealing the fate of the poor grunt involved. Nice knowing you. Upper management and project managers are, of course, not "locked in" to anything, allowing them to disrupt and/or destroy said project on any whim.
Stopped, paused, on hold. Example use, "We're having problems with the client. This project is on lockdown for now until we clear up the issues."
lots of moving parts
Because "complicated" or "challenging" just doesn't cut it.
low-hanging fruit
Analogy used to describe easy-to-complete, quick win tasks. In no small part because of the tools who tend to utter this phrase, it conjures up a mental image of a nutsack, more than anything.
An objective measurement of success or value. In the web world, metrics can be things like "retention," "revenue per unit time," or, in the negative sense of the word, "man-years." While corporations would like to have their employees and the public at large believe that their actions are all entirely based on a careful reading of measurable parameters, in reality many corporate actions are the result of a complex mix of bad science, wishful-thinking and the personal selfishness of managers.

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