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Make it worthwhile. The act of giving someone or a group of people incentive to do something. Yes, your eye rolling is warranted.
To create a reason for a resource to do something that a manager or a project leader needs done. Often this involves the payment of a bonus, but it can also be the threat of de-hiring.
Already in progress. Surely you wouldn't want to use "in progress". That's far too long and confusing.
1. New project. 2. Staying late and being a corporate lapdog to give management the impression that you're a hard worker.
Talk, dialogue, converse, chat, discuss, etc. Interface is just nice and impersonal and droid-like thus removing any human qualities to the interaction. Therefore it fits perfectly the personality free corporate world.
Hmmm, make internal versus external. Similar to "in house."
irons in the fire
How many things you have going on at once. Typical use is, "My bandwidth is limited right now, Bob, I just have too many irons in the fire." Similar to too many [blanks] in the hopper.
it falls in our bailiwick
The objective that the C's want achieived is part of our group's work (expertise) and some bodies in our group must be assigned to tackle it.
jumping-off point
Place to start from.

How many among us would like our boss to find his/her own jumping-off point?
keep the net out
To keep looking for answers or make it known you still need some info. "Yes, I really haven't gotten all the information we talked about at our last meeting. I'll keep the net out in case anything comes across my desk."
keep your eye on the prize
Essentially to stay focused on the end result. The idotic thing about this statement is that it infers that there's some reward at the end of the project. Between you and me, we know that's bullshit. I'm most familiar with the free pizza tactic. Yeah, we worked six months on this project and we get our regular pay plus pizza. If that's not motivational material I don't know what is. Throw me an f-ing bone here. How about a little incentive and I might actually try for your dumb ass. What kills me most is people who fall for this shit and get excited over $3 worth of free pizza. Get some damn self respect.
kick-off meeting
Yet another played-out sports analogy. This one is so old and commonplace I fear it doesn't get the attention it deserves. Well, I'm here to give it to you, you son-of-a-bitch.
knowledge transfer
For a resource to teach someone how to do something that only he or she knows how to do. Generally a corporation encourages knowledge transfer as much as possible since it makes it much easier to de-hire a resource whose knowledge has been completely transferred. Paradoxically, the project management system actually discourages knowledge transfer, since, with its strict capitalist model, there is no incentive for one resource to give another resource competitive skills.
Key Take Away
To go around the table or room usually at a meeting to allow each peon their say. Yet another lame sports reference.

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