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Another sports term converted to the corporate world. Usually is used when referring to projects. You get done with your part and then hand-off to someone else or another department to do their thing.
I think this was probably stolen from old, or not so old, computer networking/internet connection terminology. Now it's been bastardized to mean "communicating" or "discussing", "conversing", etc. All, I can say is "ugh".
Ridiculous ways to refer to printed and electronic documents.
head down
Used to describe a state of doing actual work. More fun if taken to mean "nap time".
heads up
A really asinine way of mentioning that one is giving others advance notice of something unusually noxious. "From now on, I'll need you to go to the team building exercises every week. I just wanted to give you a heads up."
herding cats
Basically means "very difficult". Anyone who uses this is probably very difficult as well - very difficult to understand how they dress themselves in the morning.
high level
That which is only envisioned by the project manager. Also known as "the big picture" sometimes. Also can refer to high level navigation, concept, or layout. Usually nothing to concern yourself with monkey boy. You just keep pounding keys, we'll work out the big problems.
hit the ground running
This is a real groaner. Basically means you can get started right away without any ramp up. This is often used when a new employee is starting. Example: "If you could get in early so we can get your paperwork out of the way first thing that would be great. Then we can hit the ground running after lunch."
hockey stick(ing)
Imagine you're viewing a chart/graph and there is a tiny drop followed by a long steep spike, that's a hockey stick. If you're doing so in a sales environment (usually where this is used) you're "hockey-sticking".
holding pattern
Stagnant, not progressing on a project. Taken from the airline industry it would seem.
huddle room
An undersized meeting room. Usually a result of bad cubicle planning, the extra space is filled with a small table and a few chairs.
hurdle rate
reasons customers say no.
I don't want to back into it....I want to drive into it
Recently overheard expression from a guy who wanted to understand all facets of a product up front, before opting to use said product. Perhaps he felt a driving analogy would make him cooler....but a corporate tool trying to pass as cool is akin to putting lipstick on a pig. Keep trying, wanker.
in the hopper
Similar to irons in the fire. Stuff being worked on, items in the queue, etc.
in the wild
Code or product outside of a development environment. Often used after code gets released live to production or most often used when a product such as a next generation iPhone is photographed after someone has 'lost' their prototype in a bar after drinking too much beer. Ahem.

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