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I may not get it, but can thinking really occur in any particular direction? What about thinking in a dimension? Or does thinking just occur. This can get very philosophical.
Rough plan for a new idea, to be built upon in the future by endless meetings and bullshit sessions.
full court press
A longer-term fire drill. Usually refers to the end of a project when the team is nowhere near having it completed and it seems impossible that it will get done on time. "Full court press" is really code for "you'll be working 70 hours per week for the next month".
funnel harvest
I have my guesses as to the true meaning of this one, but honestly I'm not really sure. Not sure I really want to know anyway. Taking it in context I assume it means to handle what comes easily/quickly first. If you have a better idea let me know. I'm not spending any more time on this one, I'm feeling faint.
For your information.
get the ball rolling
Get things moving, progress, etc. Yet another sports type reference.
get traction (in that market)
Getting some market share, thus upon announcment of this making all the little peepees in the meeting room stand semi-erect. The equivalent of corporate foreplay.
go / no go
Determining, at deadline, whether something is ready to go to production or go live (usually a web site).

Go - The project meets the requirements and can go live

No go - The project missed the deadline due to varying reasons (scope creep, under forecasting, artificial deadlines, etc.) and needs more time to be completed.
go juice
Rather than talking like a normal, non-tool human being, a co-worker used to refer to coffee as "go juice", because it apparently helped him start off his day of corporate filth. If only there was a "go away juice" to get rid of people like that.

This same co-worker frequently engaged in other activities like corporate running and general brown-nosing.
go-to guy
Your "righthand man," your number one resource you dump a big turd on regularly when you've f-ed up and need bailing out. ('you' most often being a manager)
going (or moving) forward
Means "in the future" essentially. Used to describe what's coming up in a project or in a series of projects. Usually used after a project has been f-ed up, so a manager can clarify how things are going to be from now on, incorporating the enhancements or fixes that were put in place. Usually the manager had nothing to do with the improvements they are touting however, they just speak down to you like they did, and like you really need to listen to them - as if you don't already know what the F is going on and weren't the one who came up with the improvements in the first place.
Usually used in place of "detail(ed/s)". Mostly used to describe someone getting too detailed. Example would be, "Jim, hold on a second. I think you're getting a bit too granular for this high level discussion."
green light
When something is ready. "This project is ready for primetime, let's give it the green light."
ground floor
Usually refers to getting in early, as in picking up a hot stock when it started to go up or something like that. In pure corporate terms it can mean something like that, but also can refer to resource or a manager being involved from the very beginning. "Jim got in on the ground floor."
H1 (or 1H), H2 (or 2H)
Absurd acronyms meaning "First half of the year" (H1, 1H) or "Second half of the year" (H2, 2H). Acronyms are everything in the corporate world.

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